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Many do not realize it but there is an unfortunate need for a good boating accidents lawyer Santa Monica, CA boating accident victims recommend. To many, the SoCal part of the Pacific Ocean seems relatively calm and safe but people who have been involved in boating and other types of accidents here know, it can be a very scary place indeed.

If you are a California boating or other watercraft enthusiast, you probably know that there are hundreds of fresh and saltwater marinas throughout the state of California and even more lakes and rivers, plus the grand Pacific Ocean. People enjoy a wide range of recreational activities on these, as well as appreciate their use for transporting people and goods all over the state. 

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a boating or other kind of accident while in the waters of California, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a good personal injury lawyer who is licensed to protect California accident victims and their families.

Contact Cohen Injury Firm if you are in the unfortunate situation of recovering from a boating or other kind of water accident, or are taking care of a loved one who has been injured. If you are in the horrific situation of grieving over the unexpected death of a loved one because of an accident involving a boat or other kind of watercraft, we have a highly rated boating accidents lawyer in Santa Monica, CA who knows the legal ins and outs of this kind of law.

Rise in Boating Injuries and Deaths 

In the year 2020 compared to the prior few years, the United States experienced an unfortunate rise in the number of injuries and deaths linked to boating accidents where there were 3,191 injuries and 767 deaths.

There are many different kinds of boating and other accidents that can occur on the water. When an innocent person is injured in a boating or other kinds of watercraft accident that is caused by someone else’s negligence, the victim, and in some cases, their family, may be entitled to compensation. When someone dies as a result of one of these accidents, their surviving family members may be entitled to compensation for the loss of their loved one.

If you or someone you love has suffered because in one of the recent boating accidents in Santa Monica, CA, contact a lawyer at Cohen Injury Firm today.

Causes of Boating and Other Accidents on the Water

The following are common causes of boating and other accidents that can occur in the ocean, and on lakes, reservoirs, and rivers:

– Distracted operators

– Negligent operation of a vessel

– Operator inexperience

– Under-age operators

– Failure of the operator and/or crew to keep a proper lookout

– Machinery or equipment failure

– Excessive speed

– Unsafe design or manufacturing of watercraft, and other water gear, accessories, and equipment

– Operators impaired by alcohol and/or drugs, including prescription and over-the-counter medications

– Sudden changes in strong winds and/or currents

If you or someone you love was injured because of one of the above reasons or one not mentioned here, contact an experienced Santa Monica, CA boating accidents lawyer to see if you may have a claim that is worth fighting for. While money cannot go back in time to prevent a tragic accident from happening, if one has impacted you and your family, you should not have to worry about money on top of everything else.

Compensation for California Boating Accident Injuries

When someone is injured in the state of California because of another person or entity’s negligence, the victim may be entitled to compensation for expenses that are the result of their injuries. When an innocent person is injured through no fault of their own, they should not have to suffer financial hardships on top of their pain and suffering and neither should their family. If you are in this unfortunate situation, a good Santa Monica, CA boating accident lawyer may be able to help.

There are many different reasons why it is important to have a good lawyer on your side when you have been injured. A big one of these is so that the victim can focus on healing and trying to get back to life before their accident, and their family can focus on helping them to do this as well as trying to get back to their own lives from before this unfortunate disruption

The following are common reasons that Santa Monica boating accident victims seek compensation with the help of a good California injury lawyer:

– Emergency services and care

– Medical expenses, including but not limited to: 

– Doctor visits

– Medication

– Treatments
– Therapies

– Surgeries and related expenses

– Hospitalizations

– Medications, including over-the-counter and prescriptions

– Loss of income and potential income

– Loss of benefits

– Loss of childcare

– Loss of household management

– Loss of abilities

– Modifications to make the victim’s home accessible

– Pain and suffering

When a horrific and unexpected death is caused by a boating accident, the victim’s immediate family may be entitled to compensation for some of the above reasons as well as:

– Funeral or memorial services

– Burial or cremation costs

– Loss of consortium

– Loss of parental guidance

– Grief and suffering

Cohen Injury Firm has [X] years of experience with helping accident victims and their families to get compensation for expenses related to the injuries caused by others’ negligence. 

If you or a family member is suffering because of a boating accident injury, the sooner you contact Cohen Injury Firm the sooner we may be able to start helping to defend your legal rights to compensation so that you can focus on healing or helping a loved one to heal.

For a highly rated Santa Monica, CA boating accidents lawyer you can trust, contact Cohen Injury Firm for a free case evaluation, any time of the day, or night 365 days a year.

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