Dog Bite Lawyer Santa Monica, CA

Dog Bite Lawyer Santa Monica, CA

Venice dog bite lawyer

Dog bite injuries are often serious in nature and can lead to expensive medical bills that could fall on you if the dog owner is not held responsible for the incident with the legal assistance of a dog bite lawyer in Santa Monica, CA trusts. Having an experienced dog bite lawyer in LA representing you could make all the difference in ensuring that your case has a beneficial outcome in your favor. Don’t go it alone paying for medical bills for an injury that was not your fault or battling the legal system without the experience needed to navigate it successfully. If you or your loved one has been injured by a dog bite, don’t wait to get started on your case with a dog bite injury lawyer in Santa Monica, CA from Cohen Injury Law Group who can guide you through the entire process.

Seek Medical Attention for Dog Bite Injuries

No matter the situation or seriousness of the dog bite injury, the very first thing you need to do is see a doctor or urgent care. In addition to possibly needing stitches or surgery, it is also typically recommended by doctors that you get the rabies vaccine just in case the dog was carrying the disease – even if the owner claims the dog has been vaccinated for rabies. This often needs to be addressed quickly because once a person starts showing symptoms of having contracted rabies it is too late for treatment. Whether you were just scratched or bitten, taking care of your health is always the first priority in any injury or accident, later you can talk with a Santa Monica, CA dog bite lawyer from Cohen Injury Law Group about making things right and holding the guilty or reckless party responsible for the incident.

Common Dog Bite Incidents

Although you can never prepare for every possible dog bite situation and avoid it, below are some situations that are more likely to lead to a dog bite incident.

  • Petting strange dogs. It’s always tempting to pet every dog you see, but it is not always wise when it is a dog that is not familiar to you and may feel threatened and react aggressively. Kids also tend to pet strange dogs freely without considering if the dog is friendly to strangers or set off easily. Some dogs are especially troubled by children since they can be fast-moving, loud, and unpredictable. Before petting a dog that you are not familiar with, it is a good idea to ask the owner first to get an idea of them if the dog is friendly or not. You should also approach the dog slowly to give it time to see that you are not a threat and allow you to gauge its reaction to your presence. 
  • Getting in the middle of a dog fight. It happens all too often that you are out walking your own dog and it gets uneasy with the approach of another, strange dog that is also out for a walk. When this happens the dogs can get agitated, sometimes leading to a fight. It is only natural that as a loving owner of your dog you would want to get in the middle to protect your dog from injury, but doing this may lead to an injury of your own. Instead of getting in the middle of the fight, attempt to get the dogs apart from the outside by using the leash, making loud noises, and using another object besides your body to put between the dogs.
  • Dog sitting. If you’ve been asked to dog sit for a dog that you are not already familiar with, you may want to consider it carefully before accepting. Taking the time to get to know the dog ahead of time with the owner present may be wise in order to avoid potential trouble when you are alone with the dog. Try taking the dog through the routine that you will do while dog sitting before the owner leaves so that they can accompany you and help the dog feel at ease while getting to know you. This way, when it is just you alone who shows up to care for the dog it is more likely that the dog will feel comfortable with you and not act out with aggression.

Why You Should Talk with a Dog Bite Lawyer

The benefits of having a lawyer are difficult to number, but to name a few, a lawyer can provide legal guidance and advice, relieve your stress of dealing with the legal system, and increase your chances of having a positive outcome by putting their legal knowledge and experience to work for you. Researching your case, gathering facts and data, and interviewing witnesses are more ways that your lawyer will work for you to put your case forward on the right foot. The legal system is complex and difficult to navigate, but a dog bite attorney in Santa Monica, CA relies on has been through this many times and knows the ropes. You can rest assured that your attorney from Cohen Injury Law Group knows how to get you through this and help you get the compensation you need for your pain, injury, and medical expenses. Don’t hesitate to speak with a dog bite attorney. 

It is recommended that you acquire the legal services of a dog bite injury attorney as soon as you’re able so that no time is wasted that could be put to use on strengthening your case and the likelihood of a beneficial outcome in compensation. Your medical bills will not pay for themselves, and they shouldn’t be paid by you since you’re the victim in this situation. Please do not wait to contact our dog bite lawyer in Santa Monica, CA from Cohen and Cohen, P.C., and give us the privilege of working on your case. We are ready to receive your call and get to work for you to help you make things right and get your life back on track!

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