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Looking for a Los Angeles, CA personal injury lawyer who handles car accidents cases, medical negligence matters, and varying types of catastrophic injuries? Then the last thing you want to do is take a chance on your case.  There is a reason why Wayne Cohen has appeared on virtually every major news network, including ABC, NBC, CBS the Today Show, Good Morning American, the LA Times, CNN and far more.  As the Wall Street Journal commented, Wayne is both “aggressive” and “brash” —- two important traits when it comes to representing the rights of injured victims.

 Many lawyers have lots of awards listed on their websites, but most of these are paid for; instead; Wayne is regularly consulted by the media because of his decades of experience and extensive knowledge, including as a law professor. 

Whether you have been in a car accident, been the victim of medical malpractice, or otherwise been injured through no fault of your own, hiring the right personal injury lawyer is the first step in having a successful experience.  
Make sure the personal injury lawyer you hire — especially in the Los Angeles, CA area — has the credentials to obtain the compensation you deserve, and is willing to make your case a priority.  Your lawyer should be an advocate for you, and you should know that your lawyer is fighting for your rights, especially when what you need is a car accident lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, or a medical malpractice lawyer.  
Over his three decades of experience, Wayne has handled cases all over the country, and obtained millions and millions of dollars in compensation for his clients.  Towards his clients, he demonstrates kindness, compassion, and understanding; but when he puts on his cap as an advocate for his clients’ rights, there is no question that the Wall Street Journal’s description of his “aggressive” nature becomes clear.  When Wayne is asked about his career, he often references his time as a boxer. “I think that being a boxer in high school, in college, and in law school helped me develop the mindset that is needed to be an effective injury lawyer.”  In other words, when he represents the rights of his clients who need a car accident lawyer or a personal injury lawyer, he knows how to go the distance!

If you’ve suffered a serious injury, the last thing you want to do is take a chance on your case.  We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and helped them through very challenging times.

Wayne Cohen has had so many appearances on virtually every top news network.  Don’t take a chance on your case — it’s just not worth it. Our experienced, veteran trial lawyer will work for you.

Venice Personal Injury Lawyer Wayne Cohen

“If you’ve had a serious injury, it’s hard to make a decision about which firm to hire. All of the information from the websites you’re probably researching seems to blend. So, ask yourself, has any other lawyer had these press appearances? Not awards that are paid for, not ridiculous claims that cannot be verified, and no cheesy tag lines (Get Cash Now!) —but legitimate, third-party verification and unparalleled credentials. Don’t take a chance on your case … it’s just not worth the risk.”


Wayne R. Cohen Esq.

— Founding Partner, Law Professor, 30+ Years

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Why Should You Hire Our Firm?

Suffering a serious injury as a result of someone else’s negligence can be devastating. Don’t take a chance on your case to just any law firm. 

Our goal is to maximize your compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and much, much more. If you have suffered any damages, our job is to obtain compensation for you.

By hiring our firm, you can sleep well at night knowing your case is in good hands. Our team approach means that you are getting the representation you deserve, in this traumatic time.

If you have suffered an injury such that you cannot leave your home, we’ll come to you. We recognize that there are times when it’s simply not practical for you to leave you home. We understand.

The partners at the firm have a combined experience level of more than 100 years, and the firm is approaching its 30 year anniversary.  Having an experienced team on your case is essential!

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We Treat Our Clients Like Family

Jennifer E.

Wayne Cohen gave me thorough, helpful, and understandable legal advice. He is extremely personable and made me feel at ease.

P.J. Z.

Wayne is an outstanding lawyer, who is kind, considerate, and extremely bright. I recommend him to help on any injury case.

Evonne K.

Smart, kind, and incredibly thoughtful. These are the words I think of when I think of Wayne. Fantastic lawyer, truly! Highly recommend.

Wayne Cohen Venice Personal Injury Lawyer

About Our Founder

Wayne Cohen

Wayne R. Cohen is the founder and managing partner of the Cohen Injury Law Group, P.C. (CILG).

For more than three decades, Wayne has handled a myriad of catastrophic injury cases stemming from car accidents, truck and motorcycle accidents, product defects, construction accidents, medical negligence, civil rights violations, and more.

Few lawyer have credentials that parallel Wayne’s. He has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, the Today Show, Good Morning America, the Washington Post, CNN, the Huffington Post, TMZ, the Boston Globe, USA Today, and more. He has held teaching appointments for more than two decades, and has taught at the Pepperdine Caruso School of Law.

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