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If you’ve recently been injured in a car accident, it is critically important to avoid making any assumptions about whether you do or don’t have cause to file legal action until you’ve spoken with an attorney at Cohen Injury Firm. All too often, car crash victims assume that they are either not entitled to compensation, or that pursuing compensation is not worth their time and effort. In reality, these victims are often entitled to much more than they initially assume. Only after the cause of a car accident has been definitively determined and after fault for the crash has been portioned is it possible to make truly informed decisions about one’s legal rights and options.

What Caused Your Accident?

At Cohen Injury Firm, we do not make assumptions about the causes of car crashes until we have initiated thorough and objective investigations into their circumstances. The reason for this is simple. While it may be easy to assume that one factor or another led to the crash in question, there may be factors that are invisible or not easily discernible that have had significant impacts upon the situation under investigation.

For example, a parent may be under the impression that they caused their crash because they turned around to comfort a screaming toddler and momentarily took their foot off the brake. What they can’t know until an investigation has concluded, is that the brake pedal in their car was improperly manufactured, the car ahead of them had been suddenly thrown into reverse by an anxious teen driver right before impact, and that teen had only slept for four hours total over the past 48 hours. While the parent turning around contributed to the cause(s) of the crash in small measure, the lion’s share of the crash was caused by the tired teen driver throwing the car into reverse by mistake.

Who Was to Blame for the Harm Caused by Your Crash?

Just as you should not make assumptions about what caused your accident, you should not make assumptions about who can be held legally liable for any harm caused by that crash. In the example noted above, the parent would likely be assigned a small fraction of the blame, perhaps 10%. By contrast, the manufacturer of the faulty brake pedal would be assigned perhaps 20%, and the anxious teen the final 70% of the blame. Depending upon how blame is portioned in your case, you could be entitled to considerable compensation, even if the crash was partly your fault.

How You Can Benefit from Working with a Lawyer

The ins and outs of determining car accident causation and fault are complex. Thankfully, the knowledgeable legal team at Cohen Injury Firm has extensive experience making these kinds of determinations. We can investigate or crash, negotiate with insurance claims adjusters on your behalf, and file any legal action that is necessary to obtain any compensation to which you may be owed. Allow us to take the stress of pursuing justice off your shoulders so that you can focus on healing from the trauma of your crash.

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