Santa Monica Slip And Fall Lawyer

Slip And Fall Lawyer Santa Monica, CA

Slip And Fall Lawyer Santa Monica, CA

Have you been involved in a slip and fall accident in Santa Monica? Have you suffered injury from slipping and falling where there were no clear signs to warn you of the possible danger of a slip and fall accident? Your accident may require the assistance of a slip and fall lawyer in Santa Monica, CA.

Slip and fall accidents are sometimes caused by a lack of proper care of a property owner to place adequate signs to indicate that there may be a slippery surface or a situation where people are walking and frequenting. Slip and fall accidents happen in parking lots, walkways, stairways, and pass-through areas where property owners may not successfully or thoroughly maintain the surface. In fact, slip and fall accidents can occur in various situations that cause and contribute to damage for individuals. Common injuries from a slip and fall may be sprains, and broken bones, and some injuries may require hospitalization.

Lawyers in Santa Monica are often contacted when patrons and individuals have fallen into a place of business. Some injuries may be minor – and those injuries require little care. The treatment may be as simple as a first-aid remedy.  More often, a slip and fall are more severe. The individual that has been injured was taken by surprise, and may not have been able to properly brace themselves for the fall. When these types of falls occur on a wet and slick hard surface the injuries sustained may need more immediate and higher level care.

The individual may need an ambulance to transfer them to a local emergency room where X-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic tools are used, depending on the extent of the injuries. It may also be possible that initially, the injured person may not feel any pain associated with the fall. This can be a response to the shock of falling. Many Santa Monica slip and fall lawyers recommend that caution is exercised after such an incident and that immediate medical attention is received after a fall.

There are several types of conditions that cause slip and fall accidents to occur. Santa Monica lawyers will be able to inform you as to the liability of your possible case, due to the several elements at hand. Some slip and fall accidents occur on a wet surface because there is not enough traction between the footwear for the individual and the surface. Some slip and fall accidents occur when an individual loses balance and collides with an object.

A Santa Monica slip and fall lawyer from Cohen Injury Law Group can help you assess the conditions, and the strength of your claim for your injuries that resulted due to a slip and tall accident. A thorough assessment by a slip-and-fall lawyer in Santa Monica will help provide you with a comprehensive understanding and better determine a possible result of a positive outcome

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